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Jack Russel Terrier mix

4 years old

12 pounds

Good with dogs

Good with cats

Shots current
Spayed / Neutered

Crate trained


Needs experienced adopter

Lila is a 4 year old female spayed JRT terrier mix. We have had her for almost 2 years and think she is finally ready to be introduced. She was a nervous wreck when we got her. She has come a long way but still has a long way to go. Here’s a little bit about her.

She will walk on a leash but if you don’t have her on a leash you can’t catch her. She feels safe in her crate but given the opportunity to run away she will make a break for it. You can easily put her leash on when she is in her crate. She needs a securely fenced yard and to be leash walked (6 ft). When inside the house she likes to be near you but not being touched by you. When outside she runs up and bounces off her foster and play nips but doesn’t want to be caught. Her nips aren’t meant to be aggressive but sometimes they do hurt. We are working on this annoying behavior. She licks her foster’s fingers and lets her touch her face but stays just out of reach so she can’t grab her collar.

She did spend a couple of weeks with a trainer to help us learn how to best help Lila become a more confident and happy dog. This is one message we got from the trainer after she had her for a week. “Just wanted to update you on Lila ! She’s doing well. I gave her a bath a couple of days ago. She was not happy but with a little patience she tolerated it. She is literally a different dog when other dogs are around. Even if she’s not directly with them, they’re just in the same room she is way more involved with me. Playful, responds to sweet talk and seems like her true self. Without she’s a lot more timid. I’ve never seen a dog so black and white with it. I try to bring up confidence solo so dogs aren’t dependent on another dog but it’s not even that she seems dependent just more of her self. Progress is slow but she’s getting there. She walks pretty well on leash. No commands yet. Again slow progress and just rewarding not freaking out from every movement. She’s starting to come to me more but she always has a leash on.” We got this message after the trainer had her for 3 weeks. “So update on Lila. She's doing well. Somedays she shows her progress but has weird days. Last night she was tether on a cot-she's comfortable on the cot and it was just us. She randomly lost it, flew off the cot trying to go under the couch. I think it was from shadows on the wall. I let her relax in a playpen in the living room when we're not activity doing anything and she's always looking at the ceiling.

I'm reaching out to some other trainers to see what their experiences are and to change up her training plan. Usually I see behaviors like this diminish a this point. I feel some days she's stuck in flight mode. There are certain things I've made very consistent and predictable-example- going outside, when she's done going potty I open the screen door, tell her Lila come on and she's gotten better but sometimes she runs right up to the door, panics then runs away. The moment I reach down for the leash she’s like okay we’re going this way with no problem. If I even move differently in this "patterned" process I've made it can cause her to go into flight. I’m afraid that she may always be a flight risk. She may be a candidate for medication.” Unfortunately, her time was up with the trainer so the foster has been continuing to work with her. She is doing much better but still has good and bad days. We have not started her on medication. Lila is available for foster or adoption but ONLY to the right person. She needs a dog savvy person that will diligently work with her and a reputable trainer. She MUST go into a home with another dog. We will not waiver with this requirement. She would be miserable without another dog and we won’t put her through the trauma of being alone. We think she would progress more rapidly if she were in a home with less dogs so she can get more individualized attention and training.

​If you would like to add Lila to your family, please fill out an application! Her adoption fee is $250