Pepper & Mickey (bonded pair)


Chihuahua/Terrier mix 

9 years old

11 pounds



Chihuahua/Terrier mix

8 years old

12 pounds

Good with dogs

Good with kids
Shots current
Spayed / Neutered

Pepper and Mickey are a mother and son pair that we rescued from California and got adopted out locally way back in 2015. Unfortunately, and through no fault of their own, they were recently returned to us. As anyone knows that adopts from us. our contract states that our dogs must be returned back to us if they can’t be kept for any reason.

Here’s what we have learned about them since we got them back:

-They are bonded. Mickey loves his mother and has never been without her. We would like them to be adopted out together.
-We were told they were not housebroken but would use pee pads sometimes. They have actually been doing very well in their current foster home and have only had the occasional accident if not taken outside regularly. They are crate trained but if left too long in the crate they will have accidents.
-They get along well with the fosters other dogs. There was only 1 incident where Pepper didn’t want to share the space on the couch beside the foster so she snapped at one of the resident dogs. She was quickly verbally reprimanded and made to get off the couch herself. She learned that she must share or she doesn’t get any attention. There have not been any further issues but an adopter must make sure they do not allow this behavior to continue or it may worsen.
-They have no concept of personal space. Their foster describes Pepper as a Stage 3 Clinger and Mickey as a Stage 2 Clinger. Pepper will follow you from room to room and bump into you if you suddenly stop. Mickey sometimes follows suit but has established the couch as his home territory and will watch the foster and his mother as they walk around, only leaving his couch perch when they leave the room. They are becoming more relaxed in their foster home but still give their foster minimal free space.
-They are beggars and think that your food is their food. The foster now has them to where they will sit on the opposite end of the couch and pout because they aren’t getting any people food. They can be persistent but they are learning. An adopter will need to continue working with them and not allow them to beg.
-Pepper is a door darter. She will make a break for it if the front door is opened. Fortunately, the foster has a storm door at the front so Pepper ran into the glass instead out into the front yard. The foster has been working with her to “get back” when the front door is opened and she’s been doing well. An adopter must continue to work with this to prevent escape. Mickey watches his mother try to dart out the front door from his couch perch and so far has made no attempt to make a break for it himself.

We are sure we will learn more about them as time goes on but we would love for them to get adopted soon and move on with their lives in a new and loving home with someone that wants to get to know them.

Adoption Fee is $400 for both dogs.

If you are interested in these two sweet pups, please fill out an application today!

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