Pepper & Mickey (bonded pair)


Terrier mix 

9 years old

11 pounds



Terrier mix

8 years old

12 pounds

Good with dogs

Good with kids
Shots current
Spayed / Neutered


Originally rescued from California in 2015, this mother-son pair, Pepper and Mickey, found a loving home. Due to unforeseen circumstances through no fault of their own, they've returned to us, seeking a new home together. Mickey and Pepper share a special bond and must be adopted together. 

They have a very unique look with their flowing manes and may be part lion 😉 They are sweet as can be and are good with kids.

Both Pepper and Mickey love to be with their person and lack the concept of personal space. Pepper is described as a "Stage 3 Clinger," while Mickey is a "Stage 2 Clinger." 😆 If you like to snuggle, this is the pair for you!

Both Pepper and Mickey love people food (show me a dog that doesn't lol) but they are learning to sit on the couch without begging. Adopters should continue reinforcing this behavior.

Pepper tends to dart out the front door; the foster has been working on training her to "get back" and she's made great progress. Mickey observes but hasn't attempted to escape.

They are both good with other dogs, with one minor incident when Pepper didn't want to share space on the couch. The issue was quickly addressed, and it hasn't happened since. 

Pepper and Mickey are looking for a loving home where they can continue their journey together and give their family double the love. If you're ready to open your heart to this bonded pair and provide them with the understanding and care they need, please consider adopting them.

Adoption Fee is $400 for both dogs.

We're waiting for our furever home!