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Polar Bear & Serious Black (bonded pair)

Polar Bear:


Chihuahua mix

1 years old

8.8 pounds

Serious Black:
3 years old
8.8 pounds

Good with dogs

Shots current
Spayed / Neutered

Needs Experienced Dog Savvy Adopter

Polar Bear is a 1 year old male neutered Chihuahua mix (possibly with Italian Greyhound). He has legs for days and runs like a gazelle! He is able to leap small buildings and soar like a bird :) Well, not really, but he is very good at jumping onto furniture and trying to get on tables and countertops. He’s very food motivated.

Polar Bear was part of a hoarding situation group so there are a few things you need to know about him. He needs work on his social skill with people but he’s coming along really nicely. He needs a patient adopter. He likes/needs the company of another dog. He’s always been surrounded by lots of other dogs so he gets a little anxious when alone.

We are working on crate training him. He will bark in his crate initially but does settle down. Apartment living is probably not ideal as his barking may annoy your neighbors. He is not housebroken but he’s getting much better. Previously he was never allowed outside so he had no choice but to use the bathroom inside. He LOVES running around the yard and frequently gets the zoomies. This little guy has so much potential with the right adopter.

Serious Black is 3 years old. He’s far from serious. He is very timid initially, but if you kneel, he will crawl over to you then basically crawl up your body for you to hug him. Once he gets to know you, he’s obnoxiously trying to get you to pick him up and love on him. He screams if he’s crated by himself. He only cries a little if he’s in a crate with one of the other dogs he came in with. Definitely no apartment living for him due to this. He has a bit of separation anxiety so he needs another dog. He is working on housetraining and leash walking. His cuteness and sweetness knows no bounds.

These two boys have become the best of friends and we are hoping to find them a home where they can stay together. If you're interested in adding Polar Bear and Serious Black to your family, please fill out an application! Adoption fee for both dogs is $450.