I'm waiting for my furever home!



Shih Tzu/Poodle mix

11 months old

14 pounds

Good with dogs

No Kids
Shots current
Spayed / Neutered


Needs Dog Savvy Adopter

Rocky is an 11 month old male neutered Shih Tzu mix with an occasional attitude problem. He’s a fun and happy guy most of the time but does have occasional temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way or is made to do something he doesn’t want to do…like go outside to potty when it’s raining 🤦‍♀️  

Don’t let that shaggy adorable face fool you. He does have a bite history so we are going to be very picky on where he goes. He is crate trained and mostly house trained. He gets along with most dogs with proper introductions but can be a bully if another dog shows any signs of insecurity or weakness. He has picked fights with another submissive male dog that shared his foster home but gets along great with the other dogs. We have not cat tested him. He is nervous being picked up and may try to turn to snap, but once in your arms loves to rest his head on your shoulder.

Due to his spicy side he needs a dog savvy adopter that will work with him and not allow his attitude become a problem. He will not be allowed to go to a home with children even though he seems to really adore them. We are afraid he may have a temper tantrum and take it out on an unsuspecting child. We will require training classes with a reputable dog trainer when he is adopted. He is super smart and hard headed and he will try to be the “top dog”. He needs to be taught that he will be second fiddle to his human family. If you think you are up for a challenge we think you will find that he is well worth the effort!

If you interested in adding Rocky to your family, please complete an adoption application. His adoption fee is $250.